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Ending list of good things in Australia.Some noteworthy items being:

1)Dry fruits and seeds of various kinds.Roasted honey macadamia nuts and trail mixes are really good.Buy from Coles or Woolworths.

2)New Zealand Manuka honey.Tastes little different from the honey in India and full of medicinal properties.

3)Sweet stuff like Tim Tams,choco chip cookies,banana flavored candies,jellybeans and marshmallows

4)Richard Timms or Moroccano coffee powder.

5)Quality Stationary stuff and wooden toys from either Kmart or Aldi.

6)Cosmetics from Priceline.Good perfumes can be found at Chemist warehouse.

7)If interested buy opals or pearl jewellery.Some really unique designs.

8)Ugg boots,scarves

9) Really good quality and great design winter wear.

10)Home decor stuff from House or Target or Spotlight stores.
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