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A Childhood Toy(a toy that you enjoyed playing with in your childhood)?

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Old 07-01-2009, 09:10 AM
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Default A Childhood Toy(a toy that you enjoyed playing with in your childhood)?

Please Describe a toy that you enjoyed playing with in your childhood. how you got this toy ?what it looked like?what you did with this toy ?and explain why you enjoyed playing with this toy. 1.Are there any differences between boys' toys and girls' toys? 2.Which kind of toys do people most like to buy, imported ones or Native ones? 3.Why people prefer some kind of toys and dislike others. 4.Are there any differences between your hometown toys or toys of foreign countries? 5.Compare the advantages and (possible) disadvantages of children playing alone and children playing with other children. thank you
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Old 07-01-2009, 09:10 AM
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Default A Childhood Toy(a toy that you enjoyed playing with in your childhood)?

Cube World. They are pixellated stick people characters that live in square cubes on an LCD screen each with a different hobby. You watch them interact when you connect and stack them together with the side magnets. They use their hobbies with or against other stick people character's hobbies. They also visit other stick people character's cubes through doors and pester, hug, fight and more. Series 1 is Dodger, Whip, Slim and Scoop. Dodger plays with a ball. Whip jump ropes and does rope tricks. Slim does pull ups and tricks with a stick. Scoop owns and trains a pet dog. Series 2 is Mic, Hans, Handy and Dusty. Mic sings in a microphone and plays musical instruments like guitar and tuba. Hans is a fitness freak and works out by lifting dumbells/weights and riding an exercise wheel bike and other equipment. Handy is a repair man and fixes broken things with a wrench. Dusty is a clean freak and keeps his cube tidy, neat and spotless with a vacuum cleaner and a dust mop. Series 3 is Toner, Dash, Sparky and Chief. Toner files papers at a desk and works on computers. Dash is a mail delivery man. Sparky is a fire fighter who puts out a fire with a water hose. Chief is a police officer. Series 4 is Slugger, Kicks, Slam and Grinder. Slugger plays baseball. Kicks plays soccer. Slam plays basketball. Grinder skateboards/goes skateboarding and does extreme sports. It's a sports edition. In Series 1, Dodger drops his ball into Scoop's cube and Scoop's dog balances the ball on his nose and then swallows the ball. Whip puts Dodger's ball on his string rope and turns it into a punching bag. and punches the ball. He pulls the string rope back and releases the string rope and the ball smacks Dodger in the face. Scoop's dog plays fetch with Slim's stick. In Series 2, Hans lifts up the couch for Dusty and Dusty vacuums under the couch. Dusty wipes off the music notes with a cloth that Mic plays. Dusty is reading a book on the toilet and Handy is unclogging the other toilet with a plunger and he sucks Dusty down through his toilet and Dusty's head sticks out through Handy's toilet. In Series 3, Sparky burns Toner's computer. In Series 4, when Slugger and Slam are playing basketball Slugger plays D Fence and blocks Slam's shot but when Slam comes close he hits Slugger in the face with the ball on purpose, stuns him and shoots and makes the shot in the hoop. Slugger gets mad and steamy and he chases Slam with his baseball bat and Slam runs. When Slam shoots the basketball inside the hoop Kicks kicks the basketball inside the hoop and Slam tries to kick the basketball inside the hoop but the ball smacks him in the face and stuns him and Kicks points with his finger and bursts into laughs. When Slam dribbles the ball and when Slam is about to shoot the ball into the hoop, Grinder skates up a ramp into Slam's cube and grabs the ball out of his hand and makes a shot in the air on his skateboard. There are much more interactions with their hobbies. Watching these guys interact is like watching television. They are cool toy gadgets made by Radica, the world's largest marketing of electronic games in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. I can't wait for Series 5 to come out.
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Old 11-26-2010, 04:11 PM
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hi friends this is ravi... preparing cat 09...

share the info abt CAT and we will share our materials too....

any way our ultimate aim is to crack cat09 ! ! !
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