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Can you answer my questions about traveling to Macchu Picchu, Peru?

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Old 06-16-2008, 03:27 AM
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Default Can you answer my questions about traveling to Macchu Picchu, Peru?

I am flying in from the USA so:
What airport will I fly into?
What is the next city I should stay at on my way there?
What hotel should I stay at for a reasonable price when I get there?
How long should I stay there to get a thorough experience?
After I visit there what city should I go to in Peru for a good, relaxing night-life?
Should I dress warm for August?
Will it be rainy in August there?
What kind of food do they eat in Peru? Is it good?
What is Lima like?
What is Cuzco like?
Are the people friendly to tourist?
Is it safe there?

Thank you for your help!
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Old 06-16-2008, 03:27 AM
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Default Can you answer my questions about traveling to Macchu Picchu, Peru?

Hi, I have traveled to Peru many times. Machu Picchu is awsome.

If you are in the US, you will arrive in Lima, Peru. From Lima, you will need to take a one hour flight to Cusco. When you arrive in Cusco you will need to rest for at least 12 hours because of the altitude change.

You will then need to take a 4 hour train ride to Machu PIcchu. The train ride is spectacular.

The weather in August is a bit chilly and you will probably experience rain in Cusco.

Peruvian food is excellent. My favorite is Lomo Saltado, Choclo, Ceviche and of course Inca Kola!!!!! Try it all!

Lima has a lot of crime. Don't take anything with you that you would regret to lose. Make sure you have someone with you from Lima to show you around. Just like NYC, there are places you can be and places you don't want to be.

And yes, the people are very friendly. Learn a little Spanish.

Have a great time!!!!
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Old 06-16-2008, 03:27 AM
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Default Can you answer my questions about traveling to Macchu Picchu, Peru?

You will fly into Lima. All international flights in and out of Peru have to go through Lima. You will most likely get there late because most flights from the US do. So, either arrange for transportation to a pre-booked hotel or hostel before you leave or plan on sleeping in the airport. It sounds a little crazy, but actually a lot of people do it and the airport workers don't mind. If you go to the second floor and start walking to your right, you'll find a restaurant with a smoker's section that's enclosed with glass. If you're not picky about the smokers, you can curl up on the couches in there and nobody will bother you until morning.

I would either go to Iquitos next (if you're planning to go there) or Cuzco. Flights for both leave early in the morning, so be prepared. A lot of air travel in Peru is dictated by weather conditions in the Andes Mountains, so early morning and late night is common.

Depending on your level of comfort, I really liked hostels in Peru. They're generally much nicer than European and American hostels. You get great big beds with nice, thick blankets, etc. Usually there's free food and it's good. Cheap hotels are more private, but they're actually of lesser quality a lot of the time and don't have breakfast. You have to request space heaters in hotels because most of them aren't heated. Remember that Peru is on an opposite weather schedule from us; our summer is their winter.

Good itinerary to see a lot of Peru if you have some time to be there: Lima, Iquitos, Cuzco (Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu), Puno (Lake Titicaca region, including an overnight on the islands), Arequipa, back up to Lima. If you have a month, that would be awesome. If you're a hard core traveler, you could squeeze all that in in two weeks, but you'd be missing a lot.

Bring a variety of clothing types. The rainforest and dessert are hot when the mountains are cold. Lima is covered with a thick wet fog most of the year. Bring lots of stuff to protect from the rain. Layers are awesome. You will freeze your can off and be sunburnt and sweaty the same day.

Peruvian food varies by region. If you're a fruit lover, you will love Peru. Everything is bigger and better there. The national dish is cuy (guinea pig) and you should try it while you're there. If you can't stand looking at the whole cuy - which is the way they usually serve it - you can get it in soup and still be able to say you tried it. They also serve alpaca. Lots of potato-like foods, lots of corn. Lots of spices, too, you'll love it.

Lima is an okay city, but not much fun for a tourist. You'll want to see it, but plan to spend more time in Cuzco and Puno.

People are very friendly to tourists. Too friendly in fact. You'll hardly be able to go anywhere without people trying to sell you stuff. Try sitting in the main plaza in Cuzco for a few minutes; you'll have a lap full of finger dolls, your non-shineable shoes freshly shined, and more postcards than addresses to send them to. It's all good though. They're persistent but not pushy. And you have to remember how hard they're working and how hard much harder farming really is in Peru.

Safety varies from region to region. If you have a good traveler's sense you'll be fine. Stick to marked taxis. Plan ahead. Don't be out late at night, drunk and stupid. Don't plan on driving while you're there; it's insane.

I've been all over the world, but Peru ranks on my top 5 destinations. Bottom line: you'll have a ball!
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