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Atheists, how do you feel about wearing jewelry that depicts symbols for a religion you do not follow?

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Old 07-03-2009, 12:45 PM
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Default Atheists, how do you feel about wearing jewelry that depicts symbols for a religion you do not follow?

Atheists, how do you feel about wearing jewelry that depicts symbols for a religion you do not follow?I do a lot of costumed events and I frequently where jewelry for religions that I do not follow as part of the costume/character. Just recently I started seriously being aware of this fact and it gave me pause. I wanted to know how other people feel about it.Examples:I have a handmade silver rosary with a crucifix blessed in Rome that was given to me by a catholic former girlfriend. I occasionally like to wear it because it is beautiful and it reminds me of the good times we had. I am not a catholic and never have been.I have a sterling ankh with cartouche (supposedly) imported from Egypt given to me by an follower of Kemetism (Egyptian Reconstructionist Paganism). We are close friends, and I know that the pendant meant a lot to him before he gave it to me. I do not follow Kemetism.I have a handsome brass and copper Vodun Veve of Loa Agwe (protector of sailors and travelers) that I wear when I dress like a pirate. I know that it is consecrated because I did it myself. I am not a Houngan.Theses are just some examples. Part of what has made me aware of it is that when I am wearing these symbols prominently people of that religion (or that choose to oppose that religion) approach me to talk about the symbols. Though I do not follow these religions, I NEVER wear something that I do not have some knowledge of; my crowd was big into wearing symbols, logos and flair designed to make a statement or draw attention, and we distained logos or symbols just for their popularity.Personally, I am a Henotheist. I accept that there may be other gods, but I only worship my god. My god does not mind that I wear symbols of other religions, but I am not entirely sure how the other gods feel about it.
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Old 12-01-2011, 01:46 AM
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Then capture and mining in other countries. Because silver is that it is found in minerals from deep within the earth, so is a professional mining. It is used to make jewelry because it is soft, flexible, easy to shape, which makes ideal material for silver ideal material for the work.
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