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What is the average life span of a dancer, model, singer especially since some young ladies do all three?

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Old 07-06-2009, 02:54 AM
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Default What is the average life span of a dancer, model, singer especially since some young ladies do all three?

Some people sing for a long time and keep putting out records like in their 40s pending I think the genre and the sales and the desire. But as for modeling and dancing I think most ladies in that field the life span is somewhere between high school graduate and college graduate so probably somewhere between 18-35 unless that is their sole purpose of making a financial materialistic living. Singers (Tina Turner) can have a business life span as long as actors (Gene Hackman) as long as their voice still sounds sharp and the vocal muscles haven't become too strained with age. But for models I think the most important thing if you talk about figure is staying in shape and if it is the face then it's all about the skin cream and the hair dye. I don't know too any models (fashion, import, etc) who keep doing it long ito their elderly stages of life or even after they reach that 30-40 zone where most people likely already have at least 1-2 kids. Just wondering because I think the youthful demographic (18-25) is still the hotspot target for models and dancers (unless they are professional singers, tap dancers, etc). It all depends on the style I think. I just think it is so sad though when people (especially women) get basically used for their pretty faces and lean bodies but once they get older they probably get dumped or can't find work in that area anymore. I mean it could be anything from getting wrinkles to gaining fat from age or having kids let alone gray hair: that thirstful quest for the perfect flawless look just keeps them wanting to look younger and younger which just shows how narrow some people are about that field of work (in terms of valuing sexuality over creativity). Meaning they probably employ youthful models because they have that kind of appeal no matter what they wear but would NOT think twice about employing an elderly grandma-looking woman regardless of her situation or the clothes (jeans, dress, skirt, etc) because of the romantic deficiencies of gray hair and wrinkly skin which would not fit the company target. It is a sad, sad, situation really (just as sad as when women get bulimia and other illnesses trying to look like those youthful models on the tube) and it gradually eats away it one's self-respect to the point of feeling trashy if one they are considered too old and can't find work in the world of modeling or two they are students attending school and nearly kill themselves trying to look slim and pimple-free like those models they see on television. All this does is take the confident little girl who wants to be a doctor when she grows up and turns her into romantic lustful chewing gum to be gnawed on by voyeristic males and then spat out when her body betrays her & cameras cease snapping!
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