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has anyone read the book life as we knew it?

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Old 09-07-2009, 12:05 PM
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Default has anyone read the book life as we knew it?

i need 10 web sites that relate to the book character. give me some ideas please!!! if you havent read the book this is what it is about The story starts out in Spring with sixteen-year-old Miranda Evans stating that her stepmother Lisa is pregnant in her diary. Lisa and Miranda’s father ask her to be the godmother over the phone, which Miranda neither accepts nor declines. A few entries after that, Miranda and everybody else hear about the asteroid going to hit the moon and the teachers take advantage of that and dismiss it as an excuse for extra homework. On the night of the hit, however, Miranda and her family--her, her mother, and brother Jonny--witness the asteroid knock the moon out of orbit and catastrophically alter their way of life. Miranda worries when her mother can’t reach her father or grandmother over the phone. Later, she hears over the news and from her mother that many cites--countries, even--have been submerged by the newly massive tsunamis. The next day at school, a storm forces the students to sit in the dark hallways until Miranda’s mother comes for her with Jonny and their long-time neighbor and friend, Mrs. Nesbitt. Together they go in search of stores where they buy canned vegetables, soup, juice, milk, pet supplies (for Horton, their cat), lamps, candles, fruits, batteries, toilet paper, matches, soap, etc. while fighting off other people who are doing the same thing. The next day there is no school. School does not resume after Miranda’s brother, Matt, comes back from college. Miranda spends her time swimming in the lake to ward off the intense heat with her new boyfriend, Dan. Her father comes over her house with pregnant Lisa and gives the family food before departing for Lisa’s family. Also, Miranda’s friend Megan (an avid church-goer) advises Miranda to accept Jesus. Miranda dismisses Megan as crazy and eventually goes home. In the middle of summer, Miranda learns of volcanoes going off randomly, polluting the Earth and blocking the Sun, therefore, paving the way for extremely cold winters. In the autumn, Miranda and her family go to a school conference and are given the chance to attend school. Miranda and her brothers decline, instead taking textbooks so they can study at home. After that, Miranda’s mother trips and sprains her ankle. It takes much time and effort, but Miranda and Matt manage to get their mother’s boyfriend, Dr. Peter Elliot, away from the hospital where he works so she can have her foot/ankle looked after. Winter soon comes, and it is extremely cold. Many days the temperature was below freezing. Miranda and her family have to sleep under many blankets, wear layers of clothing, and never venture outside except to go get the mail from the post office, which is still open. Miranda goes to gather the mail one day, but finds the post office closed. Succumbing to the cold and defeat, she is ready to give up and die, but sees a yellow flyer and uses the last of her strength to grab it. She discovers that free food is being given out at town hall, which isn’t far away. Miranda manages to get there and gets a snowmobile ride home as well as abundant free food for her family. At the end of the book, Miranda turns seventeen and all is well for her family. if u have any ideas please please please help me i need all the help i can get! :} thank you
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