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now that the real problems facing america can't be so easily hiden,?

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Old 07-03-2009, 07:20 PM
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Default now that the real problems facing america can't be so easily hiden,?

Why should Ron Paul run as an independent, when the Libertarian Party would be more than happy to allow him to run on their ticket? The Libertarian Party already is mostly through the process of getting on the ballot in every state, whereas any independent candidate would have to go through the whole petitioning process for all 50 states, which is often fails (I believe Ralph Nader has never been on all state ballots, not even under the Green Party's ticket.)The only significant policy difference is on immigration: Libertarian's do not believe in building fences on the border .. they can say it's purpose is to keep people out, but not too long ago, the Berlin Wall was there to keep people IN.But even on immigration there is a lot of overlap .. Ron Paul and Libertarians believe the first step in dealing with immigration is to improve the US economy and END the free lunch of social services to these people.Really surprised to see a poster here asking Ron Paul supporters to vote for McCain .. c'mon. The BIG issue here, McCain is a strong advocate for the Iraq War (and other such ideas) while Ron Paul was against this from day #1. The Republican establishment all but brushed off Ron Paul's candidacy as unacceptable because of this very issue, and so likewise the Republicans should not be shocked that Ron Paul Republicans will refuse to support their candidate against Obama.
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