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Anxiety and Stress : Tips to get rid of it

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Old 05-28-2013, 04:35 PM
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Default Anxiety and Stress : Tips to get rid of it

Anxiety isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some amount of anxiety is normal for everyone, such as being a little nervous before a test or when you meet someone new who you really like. Did you ever shake somebody's hand and realize that your hand is kind of clammy? That's anxiety. Although it can be uncomfortable, it is usually our body's natural way to prepare for a stressful situation.

Our body is equipped with what's called an autonomic nervous system. This controls many of the automatic functions of our body; our heart rate, breathing, and digestion. When we are faced with a situation which requires our body to respond, the autonomic nervous system changes these functions to deal with that situation. When we get scared, we may feel our heart beating faster or harder; this helps get the blood to the muscles in case they are needed. We may also feel our skin get cold or our hands get clammy. This is because skin is an organ and blood flow may be reduced to the body's organs in order to increase the blood in the muscles. Your body may feel tense as the muscles prepare themselves and you may feel your breathing get deeper as more oxygen is required for your body at that time. These changes occur very quickly and take a lot longer to go back to normal.
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