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Default Where have you traveled that you would recommend to me?

I am DYING to travel somewhere! The problem is, I don't know where. I have researched and researched, but I can't make up my mind. I keep talking about it, but I know I just have to DO it. The only time I've left the country is to go to Quebec, and London. I would need to go to a country where I can get by with speaking Spanish or English only.

Where have you been, and what would you recommend for me?

Or should I just stay in the country? In the US I've only been to states on the east coast. I'm so confused, but I just want to PLAN something and GO!

p.s. I am a college student graduating in May, so I would like to go to a country/state that has nice weather between May and September.
I live in New England, and although it is beautiful, I WANT OUT!
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