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Default When traveling in Canada with Via Rail, what is the lastest time one needs to be at the train station?

depends on where you are boarding, and if you need anything from the agent such as purchasing tickets, checking in baggage, etc.

if you are boarding at big stations such as montreal or toronto, you should actually be at station minimum 45 mins in advance. if you need to check bags, buy tickets, exchange tickets, etc, be there at least 1 hr in advance, bcs other people will be in line too for some of the same things.

if you are boarding at most other stations, you should be there 45mins in advance, especially if you are checking in baggage (as minimum time for baggage is 30 mins and you might find a queue at the ticket window).

if you already have tickets, are carrying your baggage with you, and boarding at small staffed or even unstaffed stations, 30 mins minimum is recommended, but you could even get away with 20 mins before dep if you want, just make sure that you are all ready to board with yourself and your things on the platform before the train arrives.

strongly recommend, have something handy to read, like a magazine, newspapers, a novel that youve been waiting for time to read, etc. this way, if/when you arrive early, you have something to do so that you are relaxed and ready for the train. if the train gets delayed, then you also have something to read to keep from getting bored or worried.
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