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Default What beside jobs does the U.S. IMPORT to China?

All kind of foods including Asian Food and western food such as dry Garlic, Powder alike. All kinds of Apparels, shoes (OEM for brands), Furniture-all kinds. Screw and bolts, tools, any kinds, electrical appliances-coffee maker, all print labels, printing, silkscreen, all gift items or promotional items, stationeries, outdoors and indoors kits. Eventually every thing in the daily life. Even if the product is brand name, they are OEM in China. What US imported to China is all related to technologies and capital, management and a lot are illegal one either by their spies or by piracy. Another part is the service industry.The US firms just like the marketing and gave up all the production bases because of the labor cost are so high in America. This all happen to European countries and Japan. That why I insist does not worry about China's economic power. Basically a Mainland Country as China is, its GDP growth supposed not rely on its exports. Nowadays if US did not want to import Chinese goods, we simply can shut down China more than what they can do to us. As long as our homeland security performs as well as it promise to detect Chinese spies in every level of technologies that constituted US edges. If its industry is privatized the wealth generated by its exporting got distributed to the people, at least the growth would help this country to be more open for being a democratic society. But right now the Communist party that decides the allocation of resource controls all the wealth. And the dangerous consequence is that the Chinese Government has allocated way too much in its military, and censorship to reinforce its oppressive strength in dictatorship on its people.
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