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Default How is the future of Middle East 's economy as the World find alternative fuels?

In my understanding Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and the Middle East countries 's economy relies heavily on the oil production. These contries use oil to import Fruits& Vegetables along with importing ice glaciers for fresh water.As the rest of the world slowly using alternative fuel such as Hybrid Vehicles, Natural Gas Vehicles, E85 Fuel, and soon within 10 years we will have better electric vehicles and Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehiles. I know that the top goverment officials aren't going to be affected by this because they are already rich and can continue to invest. My question is what about the people of those regions where their livelihoods depends on oil export cause they dont have a whole lot of other resources in those regions. Is this mean a World War someday for survial as the the middle east will no long be a vital role in the world economy ?Just burning curiosity question and I had to throw it out there. Thanks for your time.
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