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Default If human rights in China are so bad then why....?

I don't think importing products from China have anything to do with human rights in China.I'm Chinese, and we do have our own rights in China. Other people from other countries are always complaining about human rights in China, but have they ever lived here? To be honest, we make a lot of our decisions now in China. Everyone can do whatever they want as long as you're not doing something stupid. When you're watching the news, do you ever see the own Chinese people going on strike? No, because its always the people who's against the government or from other countries. Some people from Tibet, Tawaian, and Hong Kong are always the one who's against the Chinese government due to the fact that they were independent. But the monks in Tibet, do others know how they survive? It's because the Chinese government give money to them each month. But they're the ones who started that strike last year killing hundreds of innocents. I honestly don't see what's wrong living in China and being a Chinese citizen because I'm proud of it. I think others should try to visit China and visit this beautiful country.
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